Do you need assistance with leasing? Do you want help finding a suitable tenant for your investment or commercial property? To satisfy all of your real estate leasing needs, call Christine Boland today!

Sealed with a Chris

Leasing your property is a time consuming task. As a landlord, it requires long hours of searching for a responsible tenant to lease and take care of your property for a fair price. Landlords require a fair return on investment (ROI), while tenants require a fair rent and the right location for their business. Christine Boland will aptly marry these requirements for you!

Christine is an enthusiastic professional who embodies the crucial characteristics of a good sales representative. She will take the time to get familiar with your property as this is an essential step in getting it leased. In addition to this, she will diligently work on your behalf, to find suitable tenants. With excellent negotiation skills honed over that last 10 years, through leasing personal properties, Christine has the ability to recognize a qualified tenant.

Advantages of leasing your property through Christine Boland:

  • Great marketing exposure on mls.ca and christinemoves.com
  • Your property advertised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until it is leased!
  • A seamless, stress free transaction.
  • A professional who is available 7 days a week.

My goals as your Realtor:

  • To make sure your goals are met.
  • To afford you the best customer service and knowledgeable service possible.
  • To educate and assist you in getting the most suitable tenant and lease price for your property.
  • To meet with prospective tenants and communicate the terms of the agreement to lease such as amount of rent or any regulations associated with your property.
  • To assess your property and define what it’s leasing demographic is.
  • To ensure that your transaction is smooth and seamless.

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